Fonksiyon: OFİS

Proje Adı: Logipark Ofis Bloğu
Yapılan İş: Mimari Tasarım
Proje Alanı: 12.500 m²
Proje yeri: Tuzla/İstanbul
Proje Tarihi: 2011

The Office Block which takes place on one of the lots in the Logistic Park was designed to have the nice view from the long facade and to be accesible from the logistic park side and at the same time to be disconnected  and intravert.

The building was placed on the far side of the lot so that it is not achived as a big mass from the road which is passing through the logistic park and does not shade the buildings on the other side of the road which are placed on a lower altitude.

The sun breakers control the sun as well as producing energy by the solar panels placed on them.