Proje Adı: MyFish
Yapılan İş: İç mimari konsept ve uygulama projesi+kontrol
Proje Alanı: Çeşitli
Proje yeri: Cepa AVM /Ankara-2007
Capacity Avm / İstanbul -2007
Meydan Avm / İstanbul -2008
Gordion Avm / Ankara -2009

Myfish fast-food fish restaurant concept Project was designed and implemented in their Cepa baranch.
Myfish is a brand, which serves fast-food since 2003. They came to İglo for a new concept project. The fisherboat was an element of their old concept. We were asked to form a new concept preserving that element.
Our suggestion was to eat on the marina, and this concept was figured out. 
People who see the photos of the shop ask, in which seaside town this restaurant is. But it’s in Ankara CEPA Shopping Mall. The marina and the sea on the
background that cover the wall are digital prints.
And the ground is a fake sea, and you can walk on it. Dont ask how; bussiness secret.